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Just a quick post

April 3, 2012

… to say that reading back over my last long post, the one wherein I got stupid about fandom, makes me cringe a little? (REGRET!) Mostly because after I wrote it, I got back into fandom with a VENGEANCE*, and discovered that there are some people being very smart about it on the internet, and I was stupid to think that no one else had any compunctions about any of this, or, really, that anyone really gave a shit about me being a weenie. So, much smarter heads have convinced me to stop being such a doofus, and I’m still reading this stuff, and yes, god, I know. SO WISHY WASHY.

*OK, a very passive-aggressive vengeance, in that I’m just reading and bookmarking stuff, but STILL. THIS IS A BIG STEP FOR ME.


EDIT: and this, also. I read those books, too, and… oof. :-/

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