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Link Post, because, why the eff not?

November 16, 2011

While I’ve been wrapping up my career in retail things have been happening and people have been writing about them on the internet!

For example:

People have been occupying things (Bonus PETE SEEGER!)

Smart ladies have written smart things about being a lady, horrific comments have ensued.

In news from the darkest timeline, NBC is benching Community midseason, though it “will film and air all 22 episodes of the current season.” I flipped out; the internet flipped out; Vulture calmed me down a little bit; I may or may not be posting these flyers all around.

And also…

I joined and fell down the rabbit hole of rating books.

I have been, as is my wont, posting lots of random shit to Tumblr. (Reblogging is just EASIER than typing, OK?)

Oh, and I dressed up as Business Casual Thor for Halloween. (Cape!)

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