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this, ariadne, is a kick.

August 29, 2010

So! First post in a new blog! I’ve successfully imported all my old posts from the Blogger account into the new one- next project is to sort through and make all the posts look the same, and fix the images, since some of them didn’t come over correctly. Although many of them did! To my surprise!

I spent two glorious weeks in Houston with my parents, shopping, eating, and generally relaxing before coming back to NYC two weeks ago. I’m doing two internships, one at a film production nonprofit that focuses on women screenwriters and filmmakers and one at a literary agency that handles science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance writers. In the latter internship I read the five-page submissions from hopeful writers that want representation. I really wish I felt OK sharing with you, my blogging audience that no doubt numbers in the tens of people, some of the real humdingers people have sent on. Let’s just say that one lady referred to herself as  ‘licensed evangelist,’ leading me to ask the question as to which particular bureaucratic department actually provides licenses for spreading the word of God. If you want to read someone else’s hilarious dispatches from Slush Pile Hell, please visit the slushpilehell tumblr here.

While I was home I saw a bunch of movies, the already-reviewed Dinner for Schmucks & Predators, along with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with my cousin. I also watched many episodes of Covert Affairs (Sexy spies! Tracking down terrorists, sexily! Using their sexy, sexy skills!) and the new Mystery! series, the Inspector Lewis mysteries. These last are my new obsession, mostly due to Laurence Fox, who is a stone cold hottie.

Exhibit A:

Inspector Lewis was Inspector Morse’s old partner, if you remember the Inspector Morse stories by Colin Dexter, and where Morse was erudite and overeducated, Lewis was a very salt-of-the-earth Geordie who kind of didn’t understand all this Oxford rot anyway. Five years on, Lewis is Inspector and his partner is a mini-Morse, an ex-seminary student who is very good at quoting things and being really super attractive I mean, solving mysteries. He’s also married to Billie Piper AKA Rose Tyler, and they are super, super adorable.

Exhibit B:

It was amazing being home, hanging out with my parents and the rest of my family, and seeing my pals that still live in Houston. If only I could have all the people I love in one place! That would be cool!

Anyway, I’m back in New York, working those two internships, trying to kick things into gear. Expect posts later this week on the saga that has been my housing situation, my efforts to find a job in the food service industry, and my thoughts on the film Inception which totally fucking ruled and which you all should see right now. (I cried.) Also keep an eye out for some SUPER EXCITING ORIGINAL CONTENT, ie a short story that will be available for download. (Did you notice the word of the day in there? If you guessed SUPER, you’d be right!)

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  1. August 30, 2010 5:33 pm

    yay yay yay you’re back! we need some hangz

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